Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Episode 1: The Big Day

Russell Shoemaker is possibly the last person on Earth
"I sold technology to the world, back when there was technology" Russell runs a boutique advertising agency, and is working on an International IBM Campaign - "A way to spread the word of technology".
We meet our first characters Russell and his wife and their child ... Russell flies out to New York to make an advertising pitch ... when he wakes in his NY 4 star hotel room, he knows that something is wrong ... "maybe there had been a blackout" ... as he leaves his hotel room we see a FAX on the floor (possibly slipped under the door overnight) ... elevators, we take for granted ... Russell notices that he is alone ... and as he enters the street, the only noise he hears are the birds ... then it rained, biblical in proportion.

Now about those characters, the website says
Russell: will he eventually make it home, and what will he have to sacrifice.

Janelle Shoemaker: Russell's wife always supportive of Russell's ambitions, until recently, she appears to be the perfect wife but is she.

Kizzy Shoemaker:
Russell's daughter, older and wiser than her years imply, her dreams may prove to be very important to Russell's quest.

These are the characters that we have met, but two others are given on the web site.

Officer Delondre Baines: No-nonsense but fair NYC mounted patrol cop. Witnessed The Fall firsthand during her night beat. The event had a profound impact on her. Will she and Shoe ever meet again?

Mr Tanaka: A Japanese immigrant and World War II atomic bomb survivor. Also survived 9/11. But can he survive the uprising in Washington. DC?


peter evans said...

a renewed interest ... we will see Please browse this blog and any suggestions would be welcome

peter evans said...

it's all about numbers, as you can see this blog is only getting about 500 hits per month so unless the numbers go up I will not put time into renewing the blog and adding content ... this sort of sums up why the show has died, with a release on the web the producers know exactly how many people are looking at it or more importantly how many are not, and more hits attracts sponsors, with too few hits no one will sponsor the next season, so I guess we will never know what caused The Fall and if he ever gets home : )

Ibid said...

I recently discovered the show on NetFlix. It's put into 13 episodes of 20+ minutes each. I think it's just season 1. Watched the whole thing in a day. Then it just stopped. Some people claim there was a season 2. Some people claim season 2 was a game. I can't find much to back this up. I don't need another season, just a finale.

Anonymous said...

ditto. a finale would be nice. though another whole season...for me...would be just as welcome. just finished watching series on netflix. i am hooked. so dissapointed it just...ended...with no finality.

Russell's Ghost said...

please, for the love of god. Please, please, please! Give us an ending. That is sadistic and wrong, not to mention unethical. You pull us in with your good story telling and drama making, and for what?! I feel cheated, betrayed, but mostly disappointed. I had this feeling that the ending was going to be monumental, life changing, but here I am, disgruntled, mashing out my feelings over this keyboard. And the worst part of all is I bet you won't even read this, BECAUSE YOU'RE HEARTLESS


Axl said...

YES just give us some d*mn closure! I watched the whole shebang in one go and it just pissed me right off when I read that there was a season 2 and found out that that was a cruel LIIIIIE. I need to know if Russel finaly proposes to his high school sweet-heart, and if Betsy-Sue ever makes it to the Prom before its too late. And will Buddy ever come to terms with his estranged father and go to OSU next semester? Just give me something, I almost really dont care if it's good or bad!
Get off the couch and start animating! Fame and fortune comes with hard work and providing your disgruntled, ungrateful fans with an ENDING!

Anonymous said...

Ending! Must have Ending!!! AAAAHHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Its a nice show why dont they continue it